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06-18-2007, 08:27 PM
White House press center briefly evacuated
90-minute evacuation came after bomb-sniffing dog picked up a scent


Updated: 5:19 p.m. ET June 18, 2007

WASHINGTON - A bomb-sniffing dog reacted to a minivan being used for Israeli Prime Minster Ehud Olmert’s visit Monday, leading to a 90-minute evacuation of parts of a White House annex building.

Nothing suspicious was found in the vehicle, said Secret Service spokesman Dan Blackford.

Olmert was having meetings at the Blair House, the government guest quarters on Pennsylvania Avenue across from the White House, and his schedule was not affected, members of his delegation said.

The evacuated building was the White House conference center, on Jackson Place around the corner from Blair House. The conference center temporarily houses the White House press corps.

Bush is to meet with Olmert on Tuesday.

06-18-2007, 08:30 PM
He's prolly just got residue on his fingers from improvising all those explosives...