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06-15-2007, 07:15 PM
Daily Show: 'Don't they know we're all recording this stuff?'


David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Friday June 15, 2007

On Thursday's Daily Show, Jon Stewart reported that, in discussing the US Attorney firings, "Tony Snow, the White House lip-mover guy, was adamant months ago that the dismissal of these attorneys had nothing to do with politics." Stewart played a March 15 clip of Snow saying, "These things were based on performance and not on, sort of, attempts to do political retaliation."

"They were incompetent," said Stewart firmly, "and clearly there's no place for that in the Bush administration." Stewart then played a June 13 clip of Snow being asked by a reporter about the White House's claim that the firings were performance-based and responding, "No, that is something we have never said." Stewart concluded, "That's the beauty of these guys, you can't even make them listen to themselves."

Stewart turned from Snow to an apparent misrepresentation by Mitt Romney of his past positions. "Don't they know we're all recording this stuff?" he asked incredulously, before announcing a new segment on candidate websites, http.//.indecision.2008.net/clusterf@#k.html.

Stewart showed "John McCain's McCainSpace -- it's just like MySpace, except here, the only friend you have is John McCain." At Rudy Giuliani's site you can "snap up some Rudy Gear." Or, if "you're looking for a slightly more intimate encounter, may I recommend Dinner with Barack."

"But there is such a thing as getting too close to a candidate," Stewart concluded. "For instance, Democrat Mike Gravel's web video, 'Rock,' starts with him staring into the camera -- and continuing to stare for a full minute before throwing a rock into a pond and walking away real slow."

The following video is from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, broadcast on June 14.

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06-15-2007, 08:17 PM
What's sad is that this guy is a comedian. But the shit he is saying about this is TRUE! Where is the outrage? How come people are not SCREAMING about this?

06-16-2007, 02:47 AM
Stewart/Colbert for '08 ....now we're talking

06-16-2007, 06:45 PM
Jon Stewart is a smug asshole. He makes great points, but he also rips people and edits them to look bad for no reasons sometimes. The guy is a dueche.

Just look at this:

Stewart rips on the news all the time for not asking the tough questions, then Stewart goes on a show which actually asks the tought question, and then rips on them for asking tough questions because it's hurting America. What a joke. Then when he's called on asking Kerry dumb questions (which shows he's a hypocrite), he goes 'I'm on Comedy Central'.