View Full Version : Iran Warns U.S.: Your Mideast Bases In Our Range

06-10-2007, 03:57 PM
Iran warns US: your Mideast bases in our range


Published: Sunday June 10, 2007

Iran has warned that US military bases in the Middle East are within the range of its missiles, amid increasing tensions with Washington over the Iranian nuclear programme, media reported Sunday.

"All the American bases in the region are within the reach of our weapons," said Mohammad Baqer Zolghadr, the deputy interior minister in charge of security issues.

"If the United States attacked Iran, US interests would be in danger everywhere in the world," added Zolghadr, a former deputy chief of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards.

Iran has an array of medium range missiles and claims that its longer-range Shahab-3 missile has a reach of 2,000 kilometres (1,200 miles) which would put US bases on the Arabian peninsula within reach.

Washington has always said it wants to resolve the nuclear crisis through diplomacy but has never ruled out using military action to bring Tehran to heel.

Dozens of US and Israeli aircraft were on Sunday due to begin week-long joint exercises in southern Israel, simulating dog-fights and bombing targets on the ground.

Iran has responded by warning that it would hit back hard against any attack on its territory and said its armed forces are prepared for anything.

The United States accuses Iran of seeking nuclear weapons and is pushing for a third set of UN sanctions to punish the Islamic republic for refusing to halt sensitive atomic activities.

Iran insists its nuclear drive is entirely peaceful and just wants to generate energy for a growing population.