View Full Version : One-Time GOP Insider Claims He Has Sept. 11 ‘Smoking Gun’

04-23-2005, 12:10 PM

One-Time GOP Insider Claims He Has Sept. 11 ‘Smoking Gun’

Architect of GOP Resurgence Says Boeing 737, not 767, Struck South WTC Tower

By Greg Szymanski

A former Republican Party insider turned Bush basher thinks he has stumbled across what may be the “smoking gun,” proving the U.S. government’s official story about the WTC attacks is an “unequivocal lie.”

Karl Schwarz of Little Rock, Ark., who several years ago began exposing corruption amongst the neo-conservative movement in a book entitled A One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas, now has set his sights on proving government complicity in 9-11.

Now, moving away from financial corruption, he has turned his attention to the 9-11 truth movement, saying he has found a piece of obscure video footage that shows that the government lied about what type of plane struck the south tower of the WTC.

Schwarz admits he had a “whole lot” of luck when running across the video footage in a French foreign film entitled The Barbarian Invasion.

Contained in the film unrelated to 9-11, is a 1 minute, 52 second, video segment, shot by an unknown amateur photographer at the WTC, which Schwartz says clearly shows a Boeing 737 airliner striking the south tower.

“We tracked down the filmmaker and he acquired the original WTC segment from the Canadian News Service,” said Schwarz, adding that he has had the tape analyzed by experts proving it’s not a fake. “We are tracking down the original photographer and want to get to him before the government does in order to prove its authenticity.

“This segment, however, conclusively shows a 737 hit the south tower, not a 767 as previously reported. This in itself should be the smoking gun, which proves the whole story given to us by the government about 9-11 is untrue.”

Originally, the government claimed the second jetliner en route to Los Angeles was a Boeing 767. However, Schwarz said the video will not only show the airline dimensions to be those of a 737, but that he also has evidence that the engine recovered in the WTC wreckage was a model type CFM56, which propels a 737, not a 767.

“Not even two CFM56’s could get a 767 off the ground,” added Schwartz.
Besides 9-11, Schwartz said three major areas that need to be thoroughly investigated regarding the Bush administration’s present policies include:

• Administration ties with Afghanistan, the Taliban and the Bridas Corp. Schwarz claims a high-ranking Bridas executive is one of his main sources, implicating the Bush administration with corruption involving the Taliban and the Afghan invasion.