View Full Version : US sends warplanes to Turkey''s Incirlik military base

01-14-2007, 03:07 PM

US sends warplanes to Turkey''s Incirlik military base

US sends warplanes to Turkey's Incirlik military base

ANKARA, Jan 11 (KUNA) -- U.S. F-16 jet-fighters arrived Thursday in Incirlik Air base in southern Turkish city of Adana after, the first time in three years.

According to Local Cihan News Agency, at least 16 F-16 jets joined by early warning system AWACS airplane, as well as tanker airplanes landed here at Incirlik coming from an American base in Germany.

An official at the U.S. embassy in Ankara announced that the planes arrived here for purpose of conducting exercises with the Turkish military in line with agreements between the two states.

Incirlik base was used as a northern recon base for American forces during the Iraqi war in 2003 and since then the base served as a logistic backup for the U.S. army.

Namik Tan, spokesman for the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also confirmed that the U.S. planes arrived for exercises' purposes. (end) tk.

01-15-2007, 01:05 AM
Looks like positioning for a new wave or airstrikes.