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11-20-2006, 04:21 PM

My dear nation! The day we promised came sooner than we hoped and faster than we reckoned. The first good tidings on the manifest victory have been heralded, healing our chests and pleasing our souls and friends, while infuriating our enemies.

Here is the state of Islam in the land of two rivers, whose structure is getting stronger, whose flagpole is raising higher, and whose banner is fluttering with the might of the Exalted as a sign of disgrace to the humiliated.

Here are your enemies staggering from the adversities, tribulations, and agonies that befell them like mountains to the extent that they stand helpless to endure or even put out their fires. Today, they are carrying their belongings and roaming to escape. Their tent has bended over, their cooking pots have flipped over, and the storms of the Mujahideen uprooted them, destroyed their pillars, and tore down their dreams over their heads to the extent that they decided to leave. While clinching on their defeat, they became impatient and unable to stay longer.

With regard to all of this, I cannot but thank the most stupid and ominous president the state of slaves and drugs, America, recognized throughout its history.

This president who gave us this great historic opportunity and brought in his soldiers and experts to engage in direct fighting. The two groups engaged in a manner that we never imagined. With God's help and might, a simple and almost illiterate monotheist Iraqi peasant, blew up with his explosive charge the phony US civilization. The dreams of Uncle Sam have been shattered along with the pieces of the bodies of their soldiers and experts in the land of oil and water.

As I would like to remind this obeyed foolish that he reinstated the old Persian imperialism in a short period , so he was toward his country worse than Gorbatshuv was toward his Union.

Later, and thirdly, he turned to the Sham [Syria and Lebanon] and terrorized its tyrant [reference to Bashar Al Asad of Syria], who is a Rafidi [term used to describe a Shiite] and a Nusayri [one of Shiite’s factions]. The blockade continued until he [Bashar Al Asad of Syria] had to open his country to hundreds and thousands of Persians to acquire citizenship in it, [so the they can] support the charlatan agent of the anti-Christ, Nasr Allat [a common nickname for Naserallah of Hizbollah in Lebanon, which means the supporter and worshipper of Idol’s] who is called Nasrallah, who has recently had an alleged victory over the Roman military.

Hence, the Old Persian Empire has become complete, extending from the countries behind the river, Iran and Iraq, which is home to Al-Mada'in [an old city which was the pride of Persia back when Persia’s empire were at it’s strongest], to the Sham [Syria and Lebanon].

So, the question is: Will the Persian Magus to return the favor to the stupid Bush who revived their old glory without having to fire one bullet or sacrifice one soldier? I wonder whether the wise of Romans realize that they have become slaves and mercenaries for Persia, and that they are fighting Persia’s battles for free.

The American people have put their feet at the beginning of the right path to save themselves from their predicament, and they have begun to realize the treachery and subservience of their president and his clique to Israel. Thus, they voted with some sense in their latest elections.

I wonder if politicians will keep the promises they made to their citizens and relieve the pain of mothers by saving their sons from the lions of the Land of the Two Rivers.

Are they going to redress the huge deficit of budget, which was wasted away in a stupid losing war? Will they realize that the tax payers are actually paying the price for the bullet with which their sons are being killed with in the quagmire of Iraq?

I urge you, the lame duck, not to escape quickly as your lame defense secretary did, because we have not quenched our thirst from your blood yet. O’ coward, stand firm in the battlefield. We know that the Romans are not ashamed of defeat.

Today we announce the end of a stage of Jihad and the start of a new one, in which we lay the first cornerstone of the Islamic Caliphate project and revive the glory of religion.

And as the moment of truth and determination has fell upon us, I tell the venerable Shaykh, the brave hero, the Qurayshi Hashemite, who is of a Husayni origin [attributes to the tribe and family of the prophet], the commander of the faithful [Like Mullah Muhammad Omar in Afghanistan], Abu Umar al-Baghdadi:

I pledge allegiance to you, to hear and obey, during good and bad times, and in pleasant and unpleasant situations, and this is a promise not to dispute with whom are worthy of the right doing, and to say the truth wherever we are, and not to fear the criticism of anyone in the cause of God.

And I announce the integration of all the formations that we have established, including the Mujahideen Shura Council, on behalf of my brothers in the council, under the authority of the Islamic State of Iraq, putting at your disposal and direct orders 12,000 fighters, who constitute the army of Al-Qa'ida. All of them have pledged an allegiance to die in the cause of God, as well as more than 10,000 others who are still not fully prepared materially [financially].

11-20-2006, 04:40 PM
Psy-op. For both ends of the spectrum no doubt.

Didnt we form the Mujahideen?

11-20-2006, 05:06 PM
dat nigga's crazy!