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04-09-2005, 04:37 PM
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The Spy who was left out in the Cold -
The Untold TRUE Story of a woman left alone without
protection from her government “The USA”, a woman, who
had special clearance with the FBI, a woman who saw,
and knew too much about a major drug trafficking ring
in Boston, right of it’s major airport!

The Trafficking involving the brother of a terrorist
suspect, whereby all the government agencies seem to
have taken a hands off view of... why?

The investigation by John O’Neil and other agents who
worked with him, began over 10 years ago, but it
seemed like it was a hands off game.....the operation,
until this day is still on going, with arrest made

Without her only protector ”John O’Neil” who was a
special FBI Agent for over 30 years who was killed
within building “2", WTC. Terrorist Disaster”, she
was left without another to help her, a spy, left in
the cold....

There were stories about John O’Neil within the major
press, when journalist were not being controlled, and
could get out information to the public, that was only
for a moment in the beginning...

But was it by accident or design that he ended up
killed as the head of Security, within the WTC towers, just
2 days from the time he was hired before the 9/11 terrorist attack?....

She spoke of him, on his cell phone, spoke to her
friend for years and man who was devoted to protect
her, who respected her and wanted her safe!

He spoke to her on more that they had uncovered, more
about the trafficking, money laundering and
conspiracy, he was speaking to her just as the plane
hit the first tower, he got away from that building,
missing the first tower collapse, then going into the
other building, Tower 2, this was his job, he was
security, while still on his phone to her, then the
phone went dead, and she heard nothing else from him

She heard later that he had died in the collapse of
building two.

John was still on a hot pursuit on the “Drug
Conspiracy” without his agency.....

John indeed had devotion to his country, as was his
special agent, friend, “Susan” (name I have given her)
the woman you will hear, on my blogger,

Now Susan’s life is in danger, and she has no one,
they are attempting to do what they do well, bankrupt
and make her seem crazy by rapes and despair to cover
up crimes against the US, crimes against the world.

Those who knew John O’Neil, are speaking out, and one
is the woman who we will call Susan to protect her
from more harm, because she as been raped twice by
those involved in the coverup and the drug conspiracy!

All to make her crazy in the public eyes, to shut her
up, and cover-up a lie with another lie, so that their
secrets of 9/11 stay away from an unaware public, who
can do nothing now... other than just merely watch as
their country is turned into a worse nightmare than
Hitler’s Germany.

Come visit my blogger site and listen to the untold
story about John O'Neil FBI Agent who was murdered in
the WTC.

The facts are he was hired two days before, to head up
security within the buildings.

John O’Neil was to receive nearly $300k a year to head
up security for buildings which were for sale because
they were causing NYC to go into Bankruptcy from the
first WTC bombing in 1993.

Fact, Lloyds of London refused to insured the
buildings anymore, so a company held by the Bush
family held the insurance binder on the property which
was being sold and transferred into the hands of a
name Silverman.

John O’Neil, was hired by a security company which was
operated by a member of the Bush Family as well. The
same member who insured the towers it!

Fact, John was still involved in investigating the
trafficking of drugs by al-quadi cells into the US.
Via Boston Airport.

One involved in this trafficking was the brother of
Bin Laden right out of Boston's Airport which was
alleged by some, to be one of the major reasons for
his removal from the FBI..... and why was he removed

Bin Laden family members were removed by a special
plane out of the US and delivered into the hands of
the Saudi Royal Family, without question or
investigation again why? They were in Boston area, why
were they removed so quickly even after it was started
that Bin Laden was involved in the WTC Attack? This
goes without investigate and question.

And why did the so call War of Terrorist turn into a
war against Hassan of Iraqi, who was not involved in
what was reported as an terrorist act committed by Bin

Hassan was not a friend to Bin Laden, so Why was a
change in targets? Who was behind all this, and why
did all investigation STOP. And no one in congress
and or the Senate will do anything to stop another
type of terror which is growing within this country. A
terror which is stealing the resources out of the
hands of the American people and moving large sums of
wealth into foreign banks and controls by
privatization and other acts which maybe alleged by
some as treason...

Come to my site and listen to a woman who was the spy
left out in the cold without a net of protection.

And even with all this information, more and more
coming out......


Come listen to Susan, and hear her on Tuesday’s


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