View Full Version : Hezbollah Leader Offers Ceasefire, Threatens Tel Aviv

08-03-2006, 05:06 PM
Hezbollah leader offers ceasefire, threatens Tel Aviv


Published: Thursday August 3, 2006

DPA - Hezbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah in a televised speech Thursday offered to stop firing rockets at Israeli cities if Israel stops attacks on Lebanese towns, but also warned that the militant group would attack Tel Aviv if Beirut is hit.

"We will stop firing rockets when the Israelis stop bombarding our towns, villages and stop killing our children and women," he said.

Fireworks lit up Beirut's skies after Nasrallah's address ended. Cars pasted with his picture drove through the streets of the capital while young boys chanted "God Bless the leader of the Arab nations."

Nasrallah said that his guerrillas have fired rockets at Israel because "our towns and villages have been hit by the aggressors."

He added: "If Beirut is hit our strugglers will hit Tel Aviv. We have the means to do that," he said, adding that his guerrillas are involved in "heroic battles" in southern Lebanon against the Israeli army.

"Our brave strugglers are bravely confronting a large army with a number of tanks," Nasrallah said. "Our fighters are fighting fierce battles ... and they have surprised the enemy."

He stressed that his fighters have "great faith and courage" and accused the Israeli army of lying regarding the battles in southern Lebanon.

"They are lying about their victories as part of the psychological campaign they are leading against us," said Nasrallah who appeared relaxed as he gave his fourth televised speech since the Israeli offensive against the Lebanese militant movement started on July 12.

Nasrallah claimed that his group attacked an Israeli gunship off the coast of the southern port city of Tyre two days ago, despite Israel's denial, and he accused Israel of lying in its claims of having destroyed Hezbollah's rocket infrastructure.

"The Israeli army has not achieved any victory uptil now," the Hezbollah chief said, adding that Israeli citizens are "the victims of the crazy policies of their crazy leader (Israeli prime minister Ehud) Olmert."

Lebanon will not be part "of the American map" planned for the Middle East, he said.