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07-21-2006, 11:40 PM
Vice President Cheney bashes New York Times during campaign rally


(Gold9472: He says we haven't had another 9/11 because of the tools we've put into place. If the news releases these tools to the public, then blah blah blah... Basically, he's threatening the media. Or setting the stage for new laws against the freedom of the press. Or, he's making excuses for the next 9/11.)

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David Edwards
Published: Friday July 21, 2006

During a campaign speech on behalf of Gus Bilirakis in Florida's 9th District, Vice President Dick Cheney took the opportunity to attack The New York Times.

Throughout his tenure as Vice President, Cheney has had a record of disdain for the paper, but his attacks have escalated since The Times revealed last fall that the NSA had been conducting secret surveillance on American citizens without properly informing Congress.

"Now these kinds of stories alert the terrorists to what we're doing, and how we're doing it," said Cheney.

Speaking of The New York Times, Cheney said, "The fact is that it's harder to defend the United States when news executives take it upon themselves to determine whether National Security secrets deserve protection and then routinely decide that they do not."

According to the Tampa affiliate for ABC News, the "$500-a-plate fundraiser" was held at the Wyndham Westshore resort.

"Vice President Cheney, following a loud round of applause, opened his remarks by saying, 'Thank you very much. A warm welcome like that is almost enough to make me want to run again. Almost… almost (laughter and applause),'" the station's Website reported.

07-22-2006, 07:25 AM
he's making excuses for the next 9/11.
If and when it happens, if I hear anyone say that it was because of the Times, or people trying to limit their control, may sanity will go sailing right over the edge.

Now these kinds of stories alert the terrorists to what we're doing, and how we're doing it
PuLEEZE. They're smart enough to mastermind the 911 plot, but NOT enough to know that financial transactions would be monitored? Pretty strange terrorrists.