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06-25-2006, 10:37 AM
17 June 2006 (http://pyramid.blog-city.com/big_brother_to_citizens_trust_me.htm)

It was revealed late last year that the Bush administration had granted the National Security Agency the power to eavesdrop on Americans without first seeking a warrant.

Besides being an affront to the Constitution and the liberties it grants, this program, initiated after the 9/11 attacks, violates the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The 1978 law requires the government to obtain a warrant before spying on Americans. Bottom line, the Bush administration is breaking that law.

On Monday, the government and the American Civil Liberties Union were in federal court in Detroit. The question placed by the ACLU before U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor is whether the NSA is breaking the law.

“We’re not arguing that the administration — the executive office — doesn’t have the power to protect us by spying,” says one of the plaintiffs. “What we’re arguing is that they don’t have the power to protect us by violating the Constitution.”

The government’s retort on Monday was: We’d love to inform you of how wrong you are, but we can’t. The program is so secret we can’t say a word. Big Brother to citizens: Trust me (http://www.annistonstar.com/opinion/2006/as-editorials-0616-editorial-6f15s1639.htm)
The Anniston Star, June 16, 2006

Michael Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com (http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/) commented on this article thusly:
If any member of the current administration were to tell me that the sun was shining, I would feel morally obliged to get up, walk outside the door, and look for myself. I tend to have a similar attitude. Although I was accused of having this attitude as a result of my supposed leftist, or anarchist, or libertarian leanings - and although I am certainly subjective on this matter and all other matters, of course - it would seem to me that distrusting this particular US administration is not unhealthy in the least for a very simple reason: they lie, and they lie often, and I am of the opinion that they lie more often than they tell the truth. Unknown News hosts an archive titled Lies from the Bush administration (http://www.unknownnews.net/logoflies.html). That is an impressive archive which everyone who is interested in the current state of American affairs owes it to themselves to read.