View Full Version : U.S. To Respond Appropriately If North Korea Tests Long-Range Missile - U.S. Envoy

06-16-2006, 08:52 AM
US to respond appropriately if NKorea tests long-range missile - US envoy


06.14.2006, 08:36 AM

- SEOUL (XFN-ASIA) - Washington and its allies will 'respond appropriately' if North Korea test-fires a long-range missile, US Ambassador to South Korea Alexander Vershbow warned.

He said Washington is monitoring preparations for a long-range missile test that have reportedly been under way for more than a month at a remote launch pad in northeastern North Korea.

'We really don't know what are the intentions of chairman Kim Jong-Il or any other military leaders in North Korea,' Vershbow said in an interview with state-run KBS radio.

'But as I said we want them to understand that tests in light of other problems that we have in our relations with North Korea will be viewed as a very serious matter and we will take appropriate measures in response.'

He said consultations will take place with partners to the six-party talks with North Korea before a decision would be made on a response.

Vershbow said North Korea should abide by a long-range missile moratorium declared by its leader Kim Jong-Il in 1999.

'We really call upon North Korea to abide by the moratorium on flight tests of long-range missiles,' he said.

'If they were to test a long-range missile now it would be a very serious matter and we will consider it to be very much against the spirit of the September agreement of the six-party talks.'