View Full Version : commercial blitz for Nat. 911 debate

Ignatius Riley
05-20-2006, 04:53 PM
Here is a plan. We need to create a few commercials on the National 911 debate and get them lots of air time between now and then. You can have impact with those commercials, seriously. The commercial will basically be a 30 second question session using day-of reports and footage and then testimony from truth movement experts. Say a commercial for each major rallying point: ie, controlled dem. of wtc 1,2, and 7, insider trading, pentagon, and on and on. We buy time on, say CNN or CSPAN or wherever, and run them during primetime in, say, NYC, a place where there is already a bunch of support for the truth movement. We also run them elsewhere, but we gotta be strategic in what cities we target.

This will take some serious dough, but it will accomplish a lot. It will plant some seeds of thought on the subject and it will blow up the Nat 911 debate, make it something people are thinking about and anticipating and wanting to watch or attend. And then Bam! either the debate is canceled bc the gov't is a bunch of pussies or it goes on and the truth movement trounces the official account in a public setting that has been heavily publicized.

There is an awful lot of talk on these threads now about moles and about a unified front and about a plan. First off, if we have no working plan, no plan that will have an impact, then we don't need to worry about being infiltrated and survielled. They won't waste their time.

Gold says lawsuits are out. I say mass protest is out for now. What does that leave? A strong PR blitz, granted one that will be expensive, could be effective if done well. The blitz will have a focal point. One that is modest: The Nat. 911 Debate in S.C. in mid-Sept. You will find this is a much more humble focal point than demanding a new government endorsed/funded investigation. So it could produce tangible results. It is also something that could pull the movement together if it borrowed from all of the different splinter groups of the movement and got them all involved.