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03-25-2005, 02:28 PM
Hi All, here's the timeline from the first tape. I listed the time, followed by who was reporting, who was talking via phone/video feed etc. I jotted down what notes I could while the tape was running, but I didn't want to stop/pause/rewind etc the tape because I wanted to get an accurate time estimate.

I'll put the quotes that I've already documented into their own threads, and put hyperlinks to them in this timeline. I'm gonna go back and get some additional info on some of this stuff, specifically Tim Timmerman. If anyone wants more info on any of these segments, lemme know and I'll go back and get it and post it in it's own thread so it can be discussed there.


03-25-2005, 02:28 PM
1:31 - Aaron Brown CNN correspondent interviewSamuel Berger-FMR National Security Advisor
1:33 - William Rodriguez phone call: http://www.yourbbsucks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1026
1:36 - Matt Corneleus
1:40 - Space Needle in Seattle Closed down.
1:40 - Luis Marcos Dir. NYC Health & Hospital Corp.
1:43 - William Rodriguez Interrupts on the phone
1:45 - CNN's Judy in Washington.
1:48 - Bush leaving somewhere to an undisclosed location
1:48 - Powell leaving somewhere to an undisclosed location.
1:48 - CNN Correspondent to the Pentagon Bob Franken.
1:50 - Tim Timmerman on the phone.
1:54 - CNN Correspondent David Mattingly in Shanksville, PA on the phone.
1:57 - Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd on TV.
1:58 - Bush Wheels up
1:59 - Kissinger in Germany on the phone.
2:05 - Pentagon Admiral Quigley is briefing reporters
2:07 - CNN Statement: UA has now cancelled all flights until 6 tomorrow morning.
2:11 - CNN U.N. correspondent Richard Roth interview from the streets.
2:14 - Phil Zepeda from American Red Cross on the phone.
2:17 - CNN Myles Obrien in Atlanta shows the flight path on a screen.
2:23 - CNN Judy: on Flight 93, a passenger with a cell phone walked into the bathroom and called an emergency ?? and yelled we've been hijacked.
2:25 - President statement at Barksdale Airport base near Shreveport, taken place about an hour and 15 minutes ago.
2:28 - Jamie McIntyre outside the Pentagon: http://www.yourbbsucks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1027
2:33 - Nick Robertson in Kabal: http://www.yourbbsucks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1028
2:39 - Followers of OBL warned three weeks ago they would attack
2:39 - Giuliani at 2:38 press conference: http://www.yourbbsucks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1029
2:58 - FAA says no commercial aircraft until at least noon tomorrow.
3:04 - James Baker Former Secretary of State on the phone.
3:07 - CNN Aaron: Now know the president is in Nebraska.
3:07 - Former sec of state George Shultz is with us now.
3:14 - James Kelson statement.
3:17 - Still pictures of 175, amateur video.
3:25 - CNN producer Rose Arce live on the phone. Every few minutes you hear a rumbling sound like an explosion. Buildings have been pierced by debris.
3:29 - CNN Senior White House Correspondent John King in Washington.
3:32 - Sam Numm former U.S. Senator from Georgia on the phone. How is it that something on this scale can be carried off?
3:35 - Wesley Clark, former nato supreme commander, on phone from little Rock.
3:40 - CNN's Mike Hammond in Israel on video phone.
3:45 - Maria Hinojosa, CNN correspondent at a hospital. Mayor Guiliani arrived here about 5 minutes ago.
3:56 - Alec Miran Exec Prod CNN Special Events in a car attempting to get to office.
3:48 - CNN Judy: OBL to blame.
3:51 - White House Spokeswoman/Counselor to the President Karen Hughes press release. Discusses Bush/Cheney/Rice movements through the day. Cheney/Rice currently at the White House. Sec of Defense at the Pentagon. Sec of State heading back from SA. Bush meeting with others to discuss the state. "Very unusual, she did not take questions". President is in a secure
3:58 - Giuliani on the street, answering reporter questions. His assistant answering some questions too.
4:00 - John King from Washington again.
4:02 - David Ensor on video phone: New and specific information linking OBL to the attacks. Mentions Afghanistan. Mentions proof might be airport surveillance, cockpit recorders, etc.
4:07 - Shimon Peres, Israeli Foreign Minister, on the phone.
4:13 - CNN Aaron: Getting word, Building 7 is on fire and is either collapsing or collapsed. That building may collapse as well, as you can see. Billowing smoke. One of the buildings is on the verge of collapse, black smoke may be the result of a new disaster. "Building 7 may collapse" is displayed on under the CNN banner.
4:18 - Sen Bob Graham/Senate Intelligence Committee video interview. No advanced warning of this talk, if there was, steps would have been taking. There was a general warning stating some attack may occur, early in the summer. General steps taken in terms of intelligence gathering as a result of the warning.
4:23 - cnn: adjacent buildings may have or be in the process of collapsing.
4:24 - Jim Destefano Natl Council of Structural Engineers on the phone from Deerfield CT: Tremendous impact coupled with the fire/heat caused the buildings to buckle. Vertical columns holding the building up clearly failed from the high temperatures and the impact. Difficult to imagine all scenarios of what might happen in the buildings construction, however, this one was designed to accept the hit of a 707 but not the subsequent fires.
4:28 - Mark Heath/Witness: video of collapse showing secondary explosion "Hope I live".
4:38 - Witness: I heard the sound of a jet, I looked up, I saw red and debris.
4:41 - Jeffry Beatty/Pres Total Security Intl/former CIA counter-terrorism expert Terrorism expert: Too early to tell who did this. Low tech but high tech concept. How did these people get some sort of weapon onto the airplane? 4 airplanes in different locations. WTC prepared to sustain a hit from a 707, so they picked bigger airplanes full of fuel. Talks about transponder codes. Highly doubtful that the pilots were at the controls when they impacted, assume the terrorists flew the aircraft.
4:47 - CNN: President en route to washington. Still discussing WTC7, cameras trained on WTC7.
4:48 - Richard Roth /Cnn Correspondent video interview.
4:53 - Mayor Tom Swozzi Glen Cove, NY, phone call discussing evacuating people.
4:55 - Interview with Alexander Haig, FMR Secretary of State, around when Reagan was shot.
5:02 - Myles O'Brien interview, discusses the radar data. Discusses the EXTREME deviations. The fact that two planes did this must have seemed odd. Flight 93 called and changed his destination while over Pittsburg "Strange". No 77 radar data at this point, speculating.
5:33 - Tim from CNN phone call from the Pentagon: Barbara Olsen was on the plane, called her husband twice during the hijacking. Told Ted that passengers were hearded to the back of the plane, only weapons were knives and cardboard cutters. She made no reference to nationality of the hijackers. She wasn't supposed to be on this flight, was supposed to be on
yesterday. Able to make a cell phone call.
5:37 - Jamie McIntyre at the Pentagon on video phone: Short time ago Rumsfield came out to check out the damage, Sec of Defense originally ran out to help get people on the stretchers. Pentagon can account for all senior military leadership. Interrupted...
5:39 - israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon giving a press conference on video feed. "The war on terror will be long".
5:44 - Jamie McIntyre at the pentagon on video again: Fires still burning. Urban rescue units being brought in. A TV reporter saw the plane came in. Mike ^^^^^^ of USA today (prior interview), saw an AA jet like a cruise missle with wings slammed right into Pentagon. Saw parts of plane debris on the overpass.
5:49 - Tom Clancy live, interviewed in the studio. Everyone is assuming these are islamic terrorists, however, islam does not permit suicide.
5:51 - WTC7 collapsed in the last few seconds. Smoke color has gotten much lighter, we also heard there wee problems on WTC5 and that one may have went down too.
5:53 - Tom Clancy Continued...
5:55 - showing taped pictures of WTC7 collapse.
5:56 - Marie Madden CNN Producer on site, NYPD said they were waiting for it to collapse. It went down,it was quick, quiet and saw a lot of smoke come up. They had warning/signs that this might happen and get people away.
5:57 - New video of the second plane hit. You can almost see the nose of that plane come out the other side of the building.
6:00 - John King a block and a half from the Whitehouse on video feed. Bomb sniffing dogs securing the area around the white house.
6:03 - CNN Eileen O'Connor video from an airport???: FBI has arrived, securing an airport, have erected a concrete barricade around the airport. UA and AA issuing statements that all other flights are on the ground.
6:09 - Wesley Clark, video feed from Little Rock: stating that hard to predict specific attacks such as these.
6:15 - CNN/Judy: Handed a report from CNN reporter Patty Davis, all international flights have arrived or will arrive safely shortly.
6:15 - CNN/Judy: Told that pres bush will address the nation at 9PM.
6:16 - CNN/Jeanne Meserve video feed from Fema in Washington: Have dispatched search and rescue task forces to New York and the Pentagon. Disaster Mortuary Affairs, medical assistant teams being sent out.
6:19 - former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger video feed From Charlotte: It'll take some time to figure out who is responsible and who to attack. You start with OBL and start with the Afghans, strike at them militarily. Need to find out what happened that these planes could have been hijacked, how was it possible????
6:25 - Brian Jenkins, terrorism expert, video feed: Terrorists sending a signal that they can attack at the heart of America, attacking great symbols. The ability to strike those is intended to create alarm and panic throughout the U.S.
6:28 - Nic Roberson in Kabul AFghanistan video feed: Explosions going off, about 2:30 in the morning. Aircraft flying above the City, 6-10 detonations in the city, some close to the airport. Some ground fire. Sounds like the detonation of large missles. Anti-aircraft fire. Fires burning in Kabul.
6:39 - CNN/Judy from Washington: Interviewing Oren Hatch, Sec William Cohen. "It's premature to assume this attacks in Kabul are the U.S. response". Hatch: Today we have some info that OBL was involved, increasing evidence that OBL is behind this. In 96, on Meet the Press, we said we need to get OBL.
6:43 - Back to Nic in Kabul: The explosions may have been from an ammunitions dump that was on fire.
6:46 - Aaron Brown, joined by Paula Zahn: Military officials confirm a group connected to OBL may have been involved.
6:48 - Jamie McIntyre video from the Pentagon: Talked to several senior officials, not aware if Afghanistan was a military strike or retaliation. Rumsfield holding a press conference in the Pentagon in a bit.
6:51 - Paula Zahn phone call to Sen Oren Hatch: Its' probably the taliban opposition who attacked Kabul. It was probably OBL, we got info today that indicates Obl reps were saying over the airwaves that they had hit two targets. haven't been putting enough money into intelligence.
6:59 - Nic Robertson in kabul: 300 miles south in Kandahar, no reports of any detonations there.
7:02 - Wolf Blitzer on video: Been told by Ari Fleisher that the explosions in Kabul were not part of the U.S. Retaliatory strike. President still on it's way should land in 15 minutes, 2 F15s, 1 F16 travelling with it.
7:05 - CNN shows new amateur video of second hit, flashes on side of plane visible.
7:06 - Paula Zahn discusses WTC7, rescue
7:07 - Bill Hemmer CNN Center live in Atlanta: discusses the strike in Kabul. OBL is suspected to be hiding in Afghanistan.
07:10 - Wolf Blitzer: Air force one has landed in Andrews AFB.
12:16 - Video of Pentagon briefing under way, Rumsfield: NO casualty figures yet. Gen Hugh Shelton: The Armed Forces are ready. Carl Levin: Track down, root out, and pursue terrorists. Sen John Warner: Congress stands behind the president.
Questions: Did you have any inkling something like this might be planned.
Rumsfield: We don't discuss intelligence matters.
Question: We are getting reports of bombs in Kabul. Is the target OBL?
Rumsfield: In no way is the Gov't connected to those attacks.
Question: What about OBL?
Rumsfield: This is not the time for discussions like that.
Question: What about survivors?
Rumsfield: A large airliner hit the first/second floor of the Pentagon. There cannot be any survivors at the Pentagon, it would be beyond comprehension.
Rumsfield: I felt the shock of the airplane hitting the building, I went out to the area, they were bringing bodies out that were injured, alive, but injured.
7:25 - helicopter landing on the white house lawn with Bush.
7:26 - John King at the White House:
7:30 - Bill Hemmer in Atlanta: Mentions OBL.
7:32 - Nic Roberson in Kabul: The Northern Alliance has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Kabul.
7:34 - Paula Zahne: The Marriot Hotel might collapse as well.
7:34 - Robert Gates Video feed, former director of CIA:
7:37 - New video of second crash from underneath.
7:381 - jamie McIntyre outside the pentagon: Pentagon building is still smoldering, believe they have the fire contained and will be under control shortly.
7:42 - Sen Heggle on video feed: We don't know who did this, we will find out, and we will respond.
7:43 - Jim Woolsey, former CIA directory video feed: It's clear as it was in December '41, we are at war. A FBI agent felt the 93 attack was caused by Iraq, he was relieved from duty and died a few years later!!!!!!!
7:44 - Sen hegle on video feed: Very sophisticated operation.
7:46 - John ashcroft in White House Briefing room on video feed: We will devote all necessary resources to bring the people who did these crimes to justice. Discusses the flights, where they departed, and where they crashed. Report any information about these crimes to: www.ifccfbi.gov.
7:51 - Tommy Thompson, HHS Secretary from White House Briefing room:
7:54 - Norman Mineta, Transportation security in White House Briefing room: Higher levels of surveillance, security at airports.
7:54 - Dennis hastert, house speeker at Congressional Leadership Briefing:
7:56 - Tom Daschle, majority Leader:
8:00 - Getting dark out, Paula Zahn talking to Matt Corneleus: Lot of devestation in the lobby.
8:06 - John King in the White House briefing room:

Good Doctor HST
03-25-2005, 10:45 PM
Hey, thanks for the timeline. Once again, what stands out to me is the constant chatter of WTC7 on the verge of collapse an hour before it happened. I wonder who told CNN about the possible collapse.... what was their source? An educated guess, b/c the building was on fire? That's actually possible on that day... after seeing the Twin Towers come down, the worst scenarios must come to mind maybe? That's what I want to know.... who got it into CNN's head that WTC 7 could collapse, and told people to evacuate the area?

Also, the Mike guy from USA Today describing a cruise missile with wings hitting the Pentagon.... interesting. The tiny debris everywhere... no big plane parts anywhere????

03-26-2005, 12:44 AM
I have some little snippets of firefighters saying the building would be going down. I'm thinking Silverstein decided to "pull" the building about an hour before it went down. The firefighters started moving the people away from the building stating it would be coming down, and this piece of info made it's way to the media.

A couple other things I found interesting was the statements that new information implicating a group related to OBL was behind the attacks and accepted responsibility. I don't believe that information was ever released, if it ever existed. Sounds like the coverup in full swing blaming Osama.

Even more interesting is the statement by Jim Woolsey stating that an FBI agent claimed the 93 attack was caused by Iraq, this agent was then relieved from duty and died a few years later. This is something Gold may know of.

Anyway, if anyone wants any details on any of this lemme know, and I'll go back and get it. I'm gonna go get some other stuff anyway.

I've got 4 more tapes to go. Just wish I had the tapes from 9AM that morning...

03-26-2005, 12:56 AM
Jim Fox, the FBI's New York bureau chief.

03-31-2005, 11:09 PM
1:50 - Tim Timmerman on the phone.

I lifted the below transcript from another site...

[On Thursday, the 14th I reviewed the first five hours of taping on CNN. Eye-witness Tim Timmerman, a pilot who lives (or 'lived') on the 16th floor of an apartment in Arlington, Virginia overlooking the Pentagon says he saw it clearly. His is a corner apartment with a panoramic view. Timmerman told the CNN reporter:

"I saw a Boeing 757 coming down 395 right over the Columbian Pike. As it went by the Sheraton Hotel the pilot added power. I saw it hit right in front... it didn't appear to have crashed into the building. Most of the energy was dissipated in hitting the ground. But I saw the nose break up. I saw the wings fly forward and everything was engulfed in flames." CNN: Are you sure it wasn't a 767?

"No! 757, no question. American Airlines. I saw the plane disintegrate and just blow up in a big ball of fire. The building didn't look very damaged initially. But I do see now looking out my window there's quite a chunk in it. I think the blessing here might have been that the airplane did... before it hit the building... hit the ground. A lot of energy might have gone that way." (At this point, Timmerman said he had taken photographs from his apartment window. I pray Mr. Timmerman is still among the living, as eye-witnesses do have a way of mysteriously disappearing, meeting with fatal accidents or suffering sudden deadly strokes or heart attacks.) CNN then asked if he was aware that the Pentagon is five-sided...

"Yes. The rings are A, B, C, D and E. And it just caught the E-ring on the outside and that's why I felt it didn't look as damaged as it could be. It hit... it looked like on the helipad, which is on that side." CNN: "Did you see any people being removed?

"No sir. I'm up and about a quarter-mile - maybe a little closer than that - and I didn't see anything like that." CNN: Tim Timmerman, thank you.

A short while after this, a CNN on-the-sight reporter (but not really because the Pentagon was behind him, at a distance, with the black smoke rolling from the roof) was interviewed by another CNN reporter. I didn't take the names of those involved in this exchange, and didn't transcribe verbatim from the tape. It went like this:

Q. You got a close-up look at the damage, didn't you?

A. Yes, I was right next to the building.

Q. And what did you see?

A. I saw a big, gaping hole and I could see pieces of the plane inside.

Q. Earlier, an eye-witness told us the plane didn't crash into the building.

A. Well, I don't know what it looked like from where he was, but I looked right inside the hole and I know it crashed into the building.

That little exchange, of course, erased the memory banks of many viewers who may have seen the interview with Tim Timmerman, because it was never shown again.]

Wow!! This Timmerman fellow had no doubt about the plane being an AA 757 yet he bungled his account by stating the plane hit the ground(Pentalawn), broke up and exploded against the Pentawall. That scenario would leave plenty of wreckage AND a big gash on the Pentalawn, none of which were photographed as we all know.

Of course, his verifying the "757" was an "AA" painted aircraft is all that matters, even though his claim of pre-wall impact should nulify his credibility and cast suspicions on his every word.

03-31-2005, 11:46 PM
Jim Fox, the FBI's New York bureau chief.
Who is that, the agent who thought Iraq was being the 93 attack and then died?